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Hello - glad you are here.  I am Bob Moore. 


You are interested in changing from your old phone service to VOIP.  Good move - VOIP will save you money.


TCC is associated with wireless internet company, cablevision companies, Dish TV and DirecTV and a regulated telephone companies.


So we are involved in telecommunications and we offer VOIP Phone Service nationwide.


Next step - tell me what you think you want and your situation.  Yes it is easy to change.


Call me at 580-695-0331 or better to email me at voipbytcc@cox.net

Want to purchase new VOIP Phones

You can use your old phone or you can purchase new VOIP Phones which are sold at lots of retail stores.


You can purchase VOIP Phones online at http://astore.amazon.com/voip-phones-bobmoore-20

Bob Moore - phone 580-695-0331

VOIP Phones will reduce your telephone expenses.

VOIP Phones will work off your wireless internet.

VOIP Phones will work off your cablevision.

Yes you can keep your same phone number.

Yes you can use the same phones or you can purchase new VOIP phones that are really neat.


Tri-City Communications

Bob Moore


Phone 580-695-0331

Email voipbytcc@cox.net